Fashion Fun

Holy crap, folks! Is almost 60 degrees in Portland today! It’s flippin January! What is happening?

First off, you should know that I LOVE winter. Snow is my favorite form of precipitation. I wait all year for potential snow, and this winter, we have had NONE! I realize any readers in the northeast might be banging their heads against a wall right now… sorry!! A gal wants what she wants!

That being said, it is GORGEOUS in Portland today. I went out of my way to go get a tea just so I could get out – and have a little laugh at what name the baristas would could up with this time. Stella is pretty common.

I noticed that I am wearing a few of the same pieces I did in the summer, but the look was much different with some wintery touches. Like my gray striped socks. I love socks. The crazier the better – trust me, these are mellow for me! So, before tea, first – a selfie.

Blouse – Express
Scarf – Nordstrom
Cardigan – Express
Jeans – Express
Socks – Old Navy
Shoes – Naturalizer
Purse – Coach Factory Outlet
Sunglasses – Coach


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