Reusable Bag Storage

I think we can safely say, we are in the era of the reusable shopping bag. Especially in Portland, where there is a plastic bag ban, and some stores charge for paper! Grocery stores, pet stores, clothing stores, book stores – they all have their own reusable bag. Have you been to Powell’s City of Books on Burnside? There’s a wall, a freaking WALL, of adorable reusable bags.

I can’t get enough of them.

Clearly, my husband knows it, because he got me this perfect reusable shopping bag for Christmas. He got a friend to help him figure out Pinterest, and found this on my board. Sorry, ladies, he’s mine.

Anyway, my collection of reusable shopping bags has grown, and I probably only remember to take my bags to the store 50% of the time. So, I’m always buying more. With bags in the car, my briefcase, and the pantry, I started to realize quickly that I needed a better storage method than to just toss them in the panty. They were starting to encroach on my sweet potatoes.

I realized I was wasting a lot of space on my pantry door. A lot. The space between the door and the shelves when the door is closed is probably about 8 inches. Perfect. I had my idea.

All I needed was a piece of wood, about 1″ x 1/2″ x 2′, paint, 1″ metal brackets, screws and binder clips.

I was so excited about my storage idea, that I didn’t take pictures until I was almost done. Regardless, here’s basically how it went:

1.) Sand the board lightly
2.) Paint the board
3.) Measure about an inch in from each side for your big screws
4.) Drill the holes for your screws all the way through
5.) Measure to your desired distance for three binder clips – the center clip will hold the end of the bags attached to the outer clip
6.) Place your binder clips at the very edge of the board and place the brackets on top of the clip handle to draw your holes
7.) Drill the holes
8.) Screw the binder clips in

You’ve basically done it at this point! Now you just need to mount it.

Be aware, a lot of interior doors are hollow, so you probably want to pre-drill your door as well.

Mount that sucker to your door and enjoy your reusable bag organization.

All it needs now is a nice bag with the St. John’s bridge on it.

3 thoughts on “Reusable Bag Storage

  1. Midnight Sparkles says:

    I LOVE that bag! To freaking adorable.. I now have the urge to make myself one. You have a ban on plastic bags? A few stores around me offer a nickel off per reusable bag you use, but otherwise still paper or plastic.


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