Paint Chip Mobile

Nerd alert! I love polkadots. I also love patterns and rainbows. So, this craft project was right up my alley.

I recently noticed the trend of using paint chips for craft projects. They are already color coordinated and there seems to be an endless supply. That being said, part of me wondered if it would be stealing to take 25 of the same chip, so I asked the folks at my local store if I could buy them. They told me to not worry about it – however, I would still strongly suggest you ASK before taking. Being polite is always received better!

After I chose my color palate, I ran home to start cutting! I used this muffin tin and my 1″ hole punch to go through the chips. I got about four rounds per color. Since I planned to tape them together, that yielded me two complete rounds per chip. I had a lot of cutting ahead of me!

After the cutting was done, I started to arrange them in columns. I went with nine columns, two per arm and one in the center.

I just kept going!

This was apparently boring for some in my house.

I cut fishing line in 2.5 foot lengths and used glue to sandwich the line.

That’s it!

After I got all the lines done, I turned my attention to the top of the mobile.

Thanks to my dry cleaner for the metal!

Thanks to my husband for cutting them apart.

And thanks to J&B Weld for being awesome.

I let it set up for about an hour. After that, I wrapped fishing line around the center and added about a two foot tail of line to hang with. Then I held it up and adjusted the position of the hangers until it hung level. Sticky process, but no one wants an uneven mobile! Unless it’s art, and the art is that it is uneven. I’m just not that hip.

Much tying and adjusting later, I had my mobile!

Here it is as a temporary occupant of our guest room. As always, Franklin approved!

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