It Is Always Something

It’s always something, isn’t it? Something is ALWAYS getting in the way of our plans, whatever they may be. If your plan is to go to a movie, your babysitter will bail. If you plan to wash your car, it will rain. If you plan to catch up on your favorite TV show, the DVR will stop working.

There is ALWAYS something.

Just like when you decided to finally take control of your health, wellness, and fitness. Something came up. You didn’t have time, fast food is easier, you couldn’t spend the money right now, your foot/back/butt/arm/stomach hurts, etc.

I want to invite you to stop making excuses and to take control of your life. Newsflash – something will always come up, for everyone. You’re not alone. You just have to realize your excuses are just that, yours.

I never have time to workout or meal plan. I make time. Fast food is easier, but it’s also disgusting and full of nasty mystery meat I won’t put in my body. I wanted to pretend I didn’t have the money, but holding on to my iPhone while watching my cable TV show on my flatscreen while using my laptop to shop for clothes on Pinterest made me realize I did; I was just investing in the wrong things. I’m also 30. Everything hurts all the time. It’s hardly a reason to slow down! Hell, it hurts to workout the first time! But each time it hurts less and you get stronger.

Today I invite you to invest in yourself. No more excuses. No more regrets. I do not care what it is, just make sure you stop making excuses and make this year the year you take control of YOU. We all are given the same opportunities in life to work for what we want.

I cannot wait to see what you do!

Featured image by Jay Mantri

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