I wish…

Have you ever said “I wish…”

I know I have. I wish for pizza when I’m hungry. I wish for a bikini body in December. I wish for a cleaning fairy to come while I’m sleeping.

I wish for other things too, but they are not really “things.” I wish I could help my friend overcome their eating disorder. I wish I could help my other friend lose the weight that is making her doubt how beautiful she is. I wish I could help the woman I met on the street know that she can run a mile too.

I wish my grandparents had lived longer.

I’ve done a LOT of wishing. It was it until last year that I started making a change that could help me get to what I wished for. I started being the change I wished to see.

It’s not about weight – It’s about loving yourself and those around you enough to say “enough is enough.”

Enough with your clothes not fitting.
Enough with being tired.
Enough with being stressed.
Enough with watching your kids play instead of playing with them.
Enough with feeling self conscious.
Enough spending money on cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure medication.
Enough with sore joints and damaged vertebra.
Enough with diabetes.
Enough with heart attacks.

Fuck cancer.

Everything is in your power. Nothing is out of reach. You just HAVE to be the change you wish to see.

We, as Americans, do so much damage to our bodies. The food we put in to save a few minutes, the walk we skip each day – we are continually on a repeat loop of “I’ll do to tomorrow.”

I’m telling you right now, DO IT TODAY. Make the change today!!!

The types of highly processed foods we eat, as well as the sedentary lifestyle we keep, has been directly linked to many chronic diseases that plague our society – obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, depression, cancer…

You have the power. You just have to decide and commit to make the change.

I want to continue to see changes, positive changes to folks around me. That’s why I coach. That’s why I spend my spare time working on ways to help folks. I want everyone I come into contact with to realize the power they hold. The power to change the course of their lives. You have that POWER.

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