Framed Mason Jar Flowers

I really love flowers. Any flower. When I was younger, I would pick Scotch Broom, which is an invasive shrub in my neck of the woods, and put it in vases in my playhouse. It doesn’t matter the type of flower (or weed), I am happy just having a little color in my house.

I noticed a trend with hanging flowers from some sort of wall vase and really loved the idea. I’ve always thought framing flowers would be a great touch as well. As usual, my adventure into finding a way to combine flowers and walls sent me to our nearby thrift store where I found this PERFECT wooden frame.


It was already sanded and really all it needed was a sealant. I am NOT a fan of painted on sealers and varnishes, because I can almost never get them to look they way I want. However, I was planning on using this frame to hold a container full of water and moist flowers – it needed to be sealed.

I highly recommend this clear, matte finish sealant by Krylon. It sprayed on easily and did not leave any lines!  It dries quickly too!


Speaking of recommendations, have you heard of the Monkey Hook? It’s basically the easiest way to hang a photo ever. All you need is a wall without a stud behind it. Of course, before I could use the Monkey Hook, I needed to get a hanger on the back of the frame.


I picked up these push in picture hanging teeth at our local hardware store, but honestly, any place that sells nails probably has them. Some come with mini nails, but these ones just have a little notch in the metal that is bent to 90 degrees and can be pushed, or lightly hammered into place. Just like that, I had a frame I could hang.


I also picked up this pipe clamp at the hardware store, which is exactly what I needed to mount the jar I had picked for this project (also from the thrift store).


A quick glance at where I thought I wanted the jar and a few pencil marks.


I screwed through the metal and into the wood frame to mount the pipe clamp. From there, I clamped it around the neck of the jar to get me a fully mounted mason jar on a frame.


Which meant all I needed next was to use the magical Monkey Hook and add some flowers. Not too shabby for $9.23 (Frame $1.99, Jar $0.75, Sealer $3.99, Pipe Clamp $2.50).


I made this back in early spring and had a variety of tulips in it. Now that summer is here, dahlias have been my flower of choice. I am not sure what I will put in it during the snowy season, but I am sure I will think of something.

I decided to leave the frame it’s natural color because it has more of a casual feel to me. Also, I chose a somewhat beat up pipe clamp to add a little charm to the piece. I’m quite happy with how it turned out and check the thrift store often for additional frames.

If you are a thrift store lover like me, please don’t forget to donate to the store via a cash donation or dropping off unused items.

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