About Me

Welcome to the “about me” page! You’re in for a real treat! Here is where I will dazzle you with my amazing life story, saving babies, fighting grizzly bears, winning the Olympics…

Okay, so many none of that actually happened. That’s okay, I have plenty to share with you!

I am a married mama of three fur babies, Butters (cat), Flower (cat), and Franklin (dog who thinks he’s human). My husband, Brian, and I have been together since high school and will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in 2015.

As the site indicates, I’m a health and fitness nut, as well as an avid crafter. By day, I am a geologist working in consulting in Portland, Oregon. I absolutely love my work, because geology is the coolest science around! Seriously, volcanoes, landslides, earthquakes?! Geology!!

By night, watch out! I’ll be getting my sweat on either kicking it to a DVD workout, running, walking or biking. I’ve even dabbled in a little street skating. By “dabble” I mean I rolled down my driveway and promptly fell over.

After a good sweat session, the sky’s the limit! You might find me making jewelry, knitting, attempting crocheting, drawing, scraping, painting, or woodworking. I’ve even taken a stab at some metal work, which included burning the hair off my arm with a torch. Wear safety googles, people!!

I got to the point a few months ago, where the creative juices were flowing and I realized I had no place to share. So, here we are! Now, I am no techie; setting up this page took me nearly four weeks! I’m sure I’ll learn more as I keep going! In the meantime, enjoy my variety of posts including workouts, crafts, random thoughts, and fashion. Yes, I said fashion. I basically live in workout clothing, because hello, elastic is so comfortable, but I still like a good scarf paired with a cute pair of boots. Thank goodness for Pinterest!

Thanks for visiting. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


Want to connect one on one? Send me an email! I love hearing from like-minded folks and I am always looking for a way to improve the site!


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