Half Marathon Training!

Ah, I love December 26th! Such a fun day to relax after a long holiday of running between family gatherings. I basically spent all day folding clothes and ironing! I admittedly put it off for awhile while I was getting ready for the holidays… so my mountain of clothing needed attended to.


I have started a pretty good collection of running clothes, and my wonderful mother-in-law got me this great pair of running tights! I am looking forward to using these suckers soon!


Which brings me to today’s subject, half marathon training. I have run four half marathons since December 2012, and I really want to double that in 2015! My first half marathon will be the March 2015 Shamrock Run in Portland, Oregon. What attracted to me this race most, is the fact that it is the first time the Shamrock Run has had a half marathon distance, so the medal will say “inaugural” and I sure as hell can’t miss that! I was a little bummed to see the prices had increased so much this year… but the medal is so shiny! J

With a few half marathons under my belt, I have a pretty good idea what works best for me for training. The Shamrock Run will actually have a huge hill at mile 8, so I really needed to get the training going. I have a thirteen week training plan that I selected for this race. I try to keep my longest runs on the weekend, since my weekday runs are done at work during my lunch break. I also like to try to run a 12-mile training run before my race, and I usually convert one or two of my 3-mile training runs to a speed workout, which usually means mile cut downs (basically run a mile as fast as I can, rest for 60 seconds, and do it two more times).

Below is my training plan for my next half marathon. On top of the four runs per week, I am also completing Insanity: Max 30, which runs on a Monday-Saturday schedule, with Sunday as a rest day. Works great to have my longest run on Sunday!Half_Marathon


That’s basically it! I am just wrapping up week 2. Looking forward to some personal records this year!