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Ah, coaching. I really cannot say enough about it, and how it has changed my life. So, what is coaching you may ask? Coaching is a way for me to help people achieve their health and fitness goals, though support, motivation, and providing the tools necessary to do so. I have always loved helping folks, and this coaching opportunity I stumbled upon has only made it that much easier.

I am not one to jump into anything without doing my research. I researched the company, asked questions, asked for advice, and spent many days Face-stalking other coaches. I looked at costs, benefits, risk, reward, etc. over and over. I finally came to the same conclusion that many of my friends have – this is an amazing opportunity with an amazing company. That company? Beachbody.

I know, I know, there is always a bit of hesitation when you hear the name of a network marketing company. I was the same way. Bear with me for a couple minutes, and let’s see if I can make you feel better. 


Oddly enough, my husband and I had lost most of our weight completing the Insanity program, while I was learning to be a runner. At the time, I had no idea it was a Beachbody program and I had no idea it was possible to coach others using the programs. Man, I really used to live in a bubble.

You’ve maybe heard it before, but Beachbody is one of the leading companies in at-home fitness programs (remember, I hate gyms) and fitness equipment. They also market multiple supplements, including my daily addiction, Shakeology. (Side note – Beachbody recently released their 90-day independent clinical study on Shakeology and it was pretty cool to see – see it here. Weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar were all found to decrease over the 90 day period in all test subjects.) I keep telling people it is good – no- GREAT, but not everyone will believe me outright.

All products – programs, supplements, Shakeology – are only sold online. A few years ago, the founder decided to give people the opportunity to share about their favorite fitness programs and nutritional supplements by becoming a coach. They wanted to find a way to reward the people who consistently use the products, rather than just sell their products in a retail store. So, the Independent Beachbody Coach program was started. Luckily, the founder also didn’t want to require coaches to purchase products to keep in stock and ship, instead everyone gets their own website where customers can make their purchases.


As a coach, you receive endless amounts of training regarding anything from general fitness to specific programs and supplements. The training comes straight from Beachbody, as well as from your coaching group, like the one I have for my coaches. We do weekly video conferences, create endless how-to videos and instructions and meet up locally when we can. As a coach, I also get to attend quarterly local meetings, called Super Saturday, where hundreds of local coaches meet up four times a year to learn more about upcoming programs and to get additional training. We also have the yearly Coach Summit, which is usually in the summer, that includes almost a week of in-depth, hands on workshops from some of the top coaches in the company, as well as opportunities to become a certified trainer for any of the programs offered by Beachbody.


I know, as you probably know as well, that being successful with weight loss requires more than just a program and a daily shake. You need support. I had the support of my husband when I was on my journey to lose weight, which made a huge difference in my success. The same goes for the people I coach. That is why I run Challenge or Accountability Groups each month. It is a fun, interactive way to connect like-minded people from all across the US and Canada and provide support on their fitness journey. The possibilities for running these groups are endless, and the emotional rewards are awesome. I have never felt more fulfilled than I do now.

What is the financial benefit, you may ask. Beachbody has created a compensation plan for their coaches that rewards them for the people they help. For every product sold through your coach website, you receive 25% commission. For every product you want to buy yourself, you receive 25% off. There are also incentives for selling Challenge Packs, which are packages that include a month supply of Shakeology and a program. You earn points for these as you sell them, which add up to rewards, including a free trip. The trip is a Caribbean cruse in 2016… Rough, right?


It is actually surprising to me how many people are just drawn to you when you start sharing your story and providing support. So many people just need support and to know that someone out there believes in them. The monetary rewards are really secondary in my business.

Still, you do have an opportunity to make some real money in this business, because that is what it is, a business. You have the opportunity to work as much or as little as you want, but either way, the amount of time you put in is directly reflected in your paycheck that you get weekly. The top earning Coach from 2014 made over $2 million. The top coach in our local team earns $8,000 a week.


So, the initial investment to become a coach – The one-time coach fee is $40 and the monthly business service fee is $16. There is no minimum purchase requirement or a requirement to sells. If you sign up as a Coach and purchase a Challenge Pack (reminder – A workout program and a month supply of Shakeology) the one-time fee is waived. After that, you get your monthly supply of Shakeology for 25% off ($97). So with the monthly business service fee, and your Shakeology, your totally monthly cost is $115 with shipping. So even if you are not ready to coach others, you can still be a discount coach – and score some sweet deals on your own products! Who doesn’t like a good deal?

That is basically it in a nutshell. Still have questions? Send me a note! I’d love to hear from you!


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